Help from the Hubby! – Home workout (Starters)!

Hello everyone! Yeah, it’s been a while and for the most part, I think I have been keeping up decently except last week; we went off diet and I was so sore from work that I was unable to go to the gym. (Note to self: Remember when labeling, DO NOT do so many squats… Continue reading Help from the Hubby! – Home workout (Starters)!

Lesson Learned: Pacing

Hello! Guess who is FINALLY back and trying to get back to my goals and whatnot? That’s right. I have a new job that actually gives me a much better schedule to work with so I can get a lot more done. And that INCLUDES giving me more decent options to go to the gym.… Continue reading Lesson Learned: Pacing

Starting *MY* new year right!

This may sound a bit odd, but it is mostly because of my thought process. Yes, New Years already happened, and I have been off and on with the gym (Once a week is it rounding out to be) but today is the start of MY new year. It’s my birthday. It is my second… Continue reading Starting *MY* new year right!

Whatever Gets You Motivated/Gym!

First off: We all know what goes on when the New Year comes! We all make our goals and heavily attempt to keep them up. And you know what? I think whatever keeps you motivated is good! No matter how nerdy or how dorky it may be. Why do I mention that? Because… well… 새해… Continue reading Whatever Gets You Motivated/Gym!

The “Between Gym Visits” Exercises

Let’s face it. I am horrid at going to the gym consistently. But even if I did go as often as I plan – and I will! I am working my way up – there are still exercises I should probably do at home between gym visits. It’s not just the days I am there,… Continue reading The “Between Gym Visits” Exercises

Getting Back Into Routine

This is the face of exhaustion after the first day of workout after a Loooooong break. But, I am happy. Why? Because I was finally able to get out and workout. Sometimes life happens. But I never gave up on this. I was just delayed. And I won’t let it get me down. I even… Continue reading Getting Back Into Routine

Oh The Difference One Thing Makes/Day After Results

That is me this morning. Okay, not literally, but that is how I feel. For the most part. Now that I have had my cup of tea, it is a bit better, but I think it is a bit obvious on my face that I am tired this morning. And there is ONE big thing… Continue reading Oh The Difference One Thing Makes/Day After Results