Day 2 Results of 30 Day Challenge


My face after doing the challenge last night. I knew it would be a little tough. I knew I was out of shape. But I never knew just how bad/hard it was – until afterward when I was taking a break.

I could feel the effects of the squats as I was doing them. I even said it out loud to my husband who was just smiling as he watched. He used to work out a lot and knew a lot about things like this. He said “You will definitely feel it more later.”
Guys, I scoffed. I was like “Riiiight. It won’t be much worse.”
NEVER doubt the husband!
After doing everything (the sit-ups, the squats, the push-ups, and the planking), I sat on the sofa and took a breather. Relaxed. Then I got up to go to bed.

I was like newborn horse, my legs were shaky and sore. The effects just blew me away.

And this is just after ONE NIGHT. Day two (technically day one but I am starting from day two) of the challenge. And this morning – I still feel it. My thighs are a bit tight. And moving was interesting. But it just showed me how much I need this. How much I have to work on. It will get better as time passes (as will my posture/how I do the exercises. I cannot tell you how many time my husband had to try to correct my posture or fix what I was doing. I think I’ll just get better as time goes on).

But I can feel the effects already.

This is going to be a good challenge.


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